Rear x-fer case seal


Dec 13, 2002
Knee deep in hookers and gin
I attacked the rear transfer case output shaft seal today. It started leaking after the last time I went wheeling. Ordered the part with help from da man c-dan. Got some Mobil 1 75-90. Put 'er up on the hoist and dropped the rear driveshaft. There's no yoke nut. ??? :mad: ???
How do I get the yoke off to replace the seal?
i thought about blindly taking off the tailshaft housing, but I don't know if it'll come off with the yoke in place.
Alldata failed me and I can't find my haynes. No FSM, I'm a cheap-ass. :-[
Anybody got a clue they can sell me?
Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
Gumby, First is it the rear seal that is leaking?
THe speedo seal can leak and look like the rear seal is leaking.

I have not changed a seal but this is what you have to do.
THe rear housing has to come off. The housing can be removed without droping the t-case.
Clean the top of the t-case as dirt will fall into the t-case when you pull the housing.
Take apart the rear out put shaft; the VC,oil pump etc will need to be removed.
You will need a FSM to pull the seal as I haven't gone past removing the guts of the rear output shaft.
The seal looks like it comes out from the out side.

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