Wanted Rear Taillights, Front Turn Signals, Hood Latches, Pass. Wing Glass, Bumpettes, Seat Belts, Air Intake, Pass WIper Arm (1 Viewer)

Aug 1, 2007
Gr8 Lakes
Most of these are the parts that were harvest by others as 'Past Patina' sat, and was being parted out. Then I bought the whole 'parts car'

Need to have to drive safely:
Rear Taillights, Front Turn Signals, Hood Latches, Bumpettes, Seat Belts, Pass WIper Arm

Nice to have to drive:
Air Intake, Telescoping side arm with round mirror, Pass. Wing Glass w knob, Swing out carrier, spare rim

Just Good to have:
Light knob, Bifold door hatch, Glove box door w 3 on tree decal, Drivers door T handle, Rear 4WD & Toyota decals, Jump seats, bottle jack, tool roll w tools, work light, crank bar for manual starting, center cone guards for bumperettes, 1966 owners manual. The girl is full of rust, in need of new metal...floor pans, door sills, rear sill, corner posts. I will need to learn to weld. I don't have cash for a full resto now.

Obviously I will not be able to spring on everything right away, but I thought I'd float this out there to see what 'spares' you may have, and may not be in the need of. It seems everyone on 'Mud is genuine, and generous, and willing to help out. My son is coming home from school after Turkey Day, he said he wants to help wrench on the FJ during his winter break. My goal is to have him drive it, I don't think he has ever driven a stick. Cheers, Gil
Aug 4, 2009
New Hampshire
The following are still available from Toyota:

Turn Signals & bib lights
Side mirror arm & mirror
spare rim
rear emblems
work light (later style)

Center cones for bumperettes was a south american thing. Please don't put them on!


Jan 23, 2017
Southwest Washington
Rear turn signal assemblies are available new, not insanely priced. DIY cones ('67's are different from the ones still available) see Miss Kitties thread #86.

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