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Jul 20, 2011
Puy-du-Dome France
If the outer casing is the problem, you can fit new ones, stainless (aka Plastic). I used a standard plastic drainpipe of a suitable diameter - you'll prbly find the same size in France (eu standard - iso etc.). This can be done without removing the shocks, just take off the bottom mount, and remove springs (or whatever it was i removed :)). Cut off remaining casing - leaving only the top sylindrical (straight) part. Cut a split (or 2) in the plastic pipe and slide it on, together with a hose clamp. You can use some weather profing around the top as a seal to prevent water running in through the split.

If you do take the shocks off, I think it is a good idea to fill them up. Might be a bit messy tho'.
In any case, take the opportunity to pump out all the old fluid, and replace with new. It's not possible to change all the fluid (what is inside the shocks) with a normal fill-and-bleed exchange.

Thanks for the idea of fitting an outer casing, will have to get under the car to measure the diameter.


Nov 27, 2005
Oslo, Norway
The pipe I used is 70 mm inside Ø and 75 mm outside. I think I got a meter of it, and was left with a small piece after cutting the two shields.

Here's a pic of mine:

And here's a test fit on a good shock, the wrong way around, just to see how it clamps:

So, what I cut off was the thicker part of the shield, which in this pic appears just below the plastic pipe. (On this shock it is still intact)

Here is the ready cut and prepared shock, just to slide the pipe up and clamp. I used a standard 125 or 115 mm angle grinder with a normal cutting disc. Put some RustBullet on the rusty part of the shock body.


Last one: (not a thing of beauty, but...)
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