Rear hatch handle sheared, Is it weldable?

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Nov 27, 2007
Lumby BC
I just bought a 1969 fj40. See

The rear hatch handle sheared off. I removed it this afternoon. I was wondering if i could weld something like this? it is cast....
Or if someone has this piece available for sale, let me know.
Cast is a method of construction, not a material.... and yes is it cast... and it is some low quality "Mystery Metal" as well. In short... it is not weldable.

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My cruiser had the same broken handle. I ended up purchasing a new aftermarket handle from Cool Cruisers for half the price of OEM. Quality appears to be very good and it's great to have the hatch working again.
Coolerman has a write up on his website on how he fixed his - Hatch Handle Repair. Or you could just buy a new one from Toyota or a repro from CCOT - Hatch Lift Handle. I bought the reproduction one from CCOT and it has worked fine.

Good luck! :cheers:

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