Rear End

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Aug 12, 2013
Can I put taller gears in an stock rend end for freeway driving with a 3 speed transmission?
I don't think you'll like 3:70 gears with your first gear.
Rubber overdrive.
I switched to 3.70 gears shortly after I got my 1970 FJ40 with 3 speed and 32" tires. Nice for the highway but first was not low enough to start on any sort of incline without clutch abuse. Just installed an H41 with 3 speed t-case to remedy that. With the 3.70 and 32" tires (I now have 33") I rarely reached 3000 rpm on the highway which is great, and now I won't have trouble on the low end. Best of both worlds but a fair amount of time and money.
You can also do a sm420/sm465 swap, this will give you the lower gears and then do the 3.70 fj60 gear swap with 33's or 35's this works well on the street..

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