Rear Diff Question

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Mar 24, 2019
Great Falls, MT

Is this pretty standard for a ‘65 FJ40 rear diff?
It was making some minor clunking noise while turning slowly (ie. maneuvering in a parking lot)
Looks std from what you pictured.

Re: clunking - is their a locker in the rear? Can’t tell from the pic you posted.
Everything looks normal to me but I would like to see the carrier rotated 90 degrees so we can see the guts.
Thanks for the additional pics! I have not seen those springs in a carrier before so possibly a locker. Just give it a few minutes and someone with more knowledge than myself will definately have an answer
not stock for sure. that’s not a typical lunch box or aussie locker either. probably some kind of limited slip i’d say
Limited slip, not an Auburn. LSD is great on sand, not so much on rock. If you put them in the front your steering will “search” ( move back and forth) when in 4wd. When I was using them I liked them. Good on dirt and small rocks while climbing hills. Had them in both axles when going with a group and couldn’t quite make it up the side of a steep ravine that some others were having a problem with. Backed down and realized I wasn’t in 4wd yet. The lsd was letting me run in 2wd up until that point while everyone else was in 4wd. Engaged 4wd at that point and just crawled up. I’ve since changed to air lockers that I feel are better for a wide variety of conditions. I think the limited slip is better in sand.
I posted in your other thread (why more than one?)

This thread has more pics :)

I was going with Auburn... but... now that I see better pics of the case ... it is an Eaton

IMHO wasn’t as popular as the Auburn and I seem to recall they were pricier

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