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Jul 26, 2013
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I've been looking at a few rear bumper options for my '96 FZJ80 and I'm really digging the one by AVID (see links below). I've also looking at a few others. Besides the ones listed blow are there any others I should be looking at?

** Update Jul-2021 - I choose the AVID Bumper, ordered in Aug-2020, and installed it Nov-2020. Photos start around Post #51 - Rear Bumper Options - **

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I have an Avid rear built to my specs by Brandon. I really like it and recommend you go talk to him. He does great work and is local to Mesa. I wanted a single swing with center mount spare. No one else I talked to really had any interest in doing a custom setup. I can't blame them for sticking to their current offerings, but Brandon was open to it all and made it exactly the way I wanted.
Definitely love my 4x4 Labs rear bumper and I would buy it again, but dang, those Avid and Lost bumpers look pretty sweet.
Have you seen Murf and my TommyGun rear bumpers? Made locally and super happy with them.
Having known no other way to get into the back of my LandCruiser (as my Slee was on it from day 1 of me owning it), a swing-out is an inconvenience. A double swing-out is doubly so.

Mounting a 35" spare on the back is a necessity, though - unless you're willing to give up internal storage space - so I've learned to live with it. Center mounted has the least impact to rear visibility, I might add. That may not be a consideration now, but you can get used to just about anything, esp. at these prices.
Dobinsons, NWTI, and Trail Gear all offer 80 series bumpers.
So I’m not trying to pimp out our bumpers at all just giving my 2 cents. I originally had a 4x4 land bumper on my 80. It is decent. With that being said Brandon looked at several bumpers including my 4x4 labs and we talked about all the things I didn’t like about my bumper and then he designed and built the ones we sell with all of the designs and concerns in mind. One thing I like about Brandon’s approach to things is he is an engineer and over engineers things. The bumper is stout and quiet. I pulled my 4x4 labs off (which I will be selling) and put an Avid one on and couldn’t be happier.
Are Avid, Brandon, and Tommygun all local and different fabricators or are some of them interconnected?
Brandon is Avid
Thank you for all the suggestions. This week I had a good chat with Brandon at AVID and I decided to go with his product. I'll post up some pics after I install it.
Reviving an old thread. Any pictures and updates on the Avid rears?

I ordered a rear bumper in late November but it has not shipped yet. Brandon has been pretty quick to respond anytime I have asked for updates. It sounds like Covid and material/parts availability are the primary cause of delays based on his responses to me.

I will add some additional pics to this thread when it arrives. Its a great looking bumper and I am excited to install it when the time comes!

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