rear ambulance door outer handle play solutions

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Sep 24, 2007
I am trying to find a solution for the rear ambulance door outer handle play. I have owned three fj40's and they all had it.
It seems if I could use something to shim up the space, it would firm it up. To me, that play is only going to cause wear on the inner handle moving parts. I have been looking at the jeep door pin shims that are made of a hard composite. I think it is called delrin. I am sure someone out there has the quick solution. help please.
Mine had a bit of slop, but picked up a spare mechanism. It'll be a bit until reassembly, but I may try some ABS 3d printed bushings at some point. ABS won't be perfect, but low barrier to entry there, and it's not like the rear door gets heavy heavy use.
I entertained some carbon PETG shims and bushings for mine. Just need to get the time to disassemble for dimensioning.

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