Re-Installing rear spoiler

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Nov 19, 2006
My black spoiler has been faded to a light grey color over the years and I decided it was time to paint it black again. Removing it was easy enough but I was surprised to find some rust spots underneath the screws.

I cleaned up the rust and touched up the spots with paint. However now that I am putting it back, I wonder if anyone has found a better tape solution that won't retain water under there?
i would just clean prime and paint the rust, then use any house hold double sided tape, its really just there to absorb vibrations and keep a buffer between the paint and metal. I left my spoiled off though.. I think it looks better and frankly from the looks of the design i feel like the spoiled adds drag and could decrease mpg.. If ever so slightly.
I agree the spoiler kind of reminds me of the country squire station wagon my parents drove when I grew up. One thing I think it does however is direct air down the rear hatch glass and it seems to keep the glass a little cleaner during the rainy season. I have always had it on however so I don't know how different this would be if I removed it.

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