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Mar 27, 2003
Ok ... I got just a wee bit peeved at constantly having to close the IE browser that I had ih8mud.com on . :mad: . Honestly I have never , ever had such crap luck with a server hanging my browser since I was running win95 on a crap 133mhz . I went thru the usual stuff .. emptying caches , accepting cookies yadda , yadda . But still I'd hang after a few reloads , so I switched to my 'ol standby ... OPERA .

Opera-5 is another internet browser . It used to be only test based , so I'd use it as a breath of fresh air when I got sick of all the commercial crap on the Net . This version (5) , is amazing ... you really ought to try downloading it , and giving it a try if you feel this site or any other is a pain thru IE or Netscrap . Try looking at www.download.com for it ...

One feature that is even a slight step beyond IE is it's full screen feature . Pressing F11 fill's the 'entire' screen with the website ... no more task bar , no more browser buttons .. nothing but pure site . And the colours , and clarity is uncanny .. finally I feel like I'm getting my money's worth from my Sony Trinitron 19" monitor ! :D

So if IE is being a pain , AND you don't feel you should have to lower your security standards because of this forum ... check out Opera .

Acknowledged, and agreed.

However, having said that, there is a bug in this version of YaBB that is causing browser hangs across the board - and Woody is aware of it. That IE should be more tolerant of this, your point is well made.

I made some changes today....and I've yet to have a problem since. Working on some other minor stuff, but a few have reported that their problems are gone too, since 1pmish today...

check the comments section for what I did, and to report if you still see issues....
C'mon T. First you should get kicked in the nuts for your sig line. :eek: :D now you want us to use something called opera ::) ??? :eek: :D :D
NETSCAPE IS BULL$H!T!! Worst browser ever made. Uses about 2x as much memory and processor power as ie5. I just tried Tylers suggestion and it IS very good. I guess canadians are good for something..... :D I work summers in a IT for a 400+ computer network and through trial and error, ie5.5 is MUCH better than Netscrape. This new opera deal seems to be even better. Much faster for me, and I like how it keeps all windows within one. Auto loads all your settings from ie5 too.
Glad you're enjoying the transistion CruisinGA ... it has a few funny things like having to reload sometimes when you've posted and want to update the message list (reload) . SOmetimes it forgets I'm logged in already . I solve this by going back to the main forum page and reloading .. then I'm good to go for posting etc .

Yeah this version is rather nice . I forgot I even had it on my drive . I remember the older versions ... nothing but text ! I'll keep coming here with it because it means I don't have to reconfigure my IE . ANd I have to admit , this is one pretty forum , when seen in it's original colours :D . Change is good , I amy get spoiled and do most my surfing with my Paverotti browser *L*

Woody , thanx for looking into those bugs so quick for folks ! I'm sure it means a lot to them ... a lot of passionate , and knowledgeable cruiser heads here . Last thing we need would be a technical glitch sending them running . As a Canadian I'm used to brain-drain , so I relate . Keep our SOR's here ! ;) If there were SOB's , well that would be different .

Junk , you dog .. I nearly puked up my latte readin that !! :p :mad: :D :D

All is not lost. In addition to world class hunting, you have Molsen and Moosehead.......It could be worse..... :eek:

PS.. A short poem....Malls Rule is COOL........

Door dings could be considered a badge of courage..... ::)
netscape does suck, trying this opera thing
seems to be working better. got more smileys on it to use :beer: :stupid: :ugh: :tear: :banana: :eek: :dunno: :cry: :bow: :flipoff2: never saw those before with ie
thanks Tyler (probably reading this on a laptop, sipping a latte)
"laptop , sipping latte.." - I wish . I sold the laptop to my sister yrs ago for a song . Should have kept it , loaded up Linux and ... oh ya , it won't have been able to link to the net via cell so not much use . I'd like to oneday have use of a laptop in the rig , for portable surfing , and gps etc ... the stuff of dream eh ?

Double reloads ? Yeah , this has a few funny quarks , but no crashes yet , or lockups etc . Some cool feature though ... full screen , viewing all the servers being accessed in the loading of the page .. etc 'cartogra,com' etc , showing the different browsers on Opera's own 'taskbar' saving much clutter on your computers own bar , and being able to adjust the site to fill your browser ... I just discovered I can up the % to 150% and it will fill the width of my screen , whereas on 100% it is only across 60% of the screen .

You guys find any other features ?

Poems eh ?

Wanna be cool?
Discover malls rule ,
Zip into your spot ,
And wipe all your snot ,
With your sleeve you may ,
Just be looked on with dismay ,
But pay no heed ,
To those others indeed ,
For they aren't so cool ,
As that puddle of drool ,
Below the chick from Starbucks ,
Who sees you as nothing but good ----s ,
So time to haul ass ,
And head to that mall fast ,
So you too can be cool ,
And not like some fool !

:dunno: :beer: :beer:


PS :

Leave your horse in it's stall ,
And head down to the mall .
Seek out a sweet bling ,
And smack it a ding ,
Then tear outta there ,
with the wind in your hair .
And feel content ,
That you survived such a dent !
When you get back to base ,
Arm yourself with your mace .
For you they may track ,
And your head they will hack .
Then where would you be ,
With no head to see ?
All stinky with pee ,
Cause you're distracted with glee ,
And can't wait to be ,
Alive and dent free !
You left out the part about door dings........ ::)

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