quick question on sbc timing

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Nov 1, 2004
shrewsbury, pa
ok just did a 350 swap into fj60 and engine builder stuck on a set of 305 heads and a torquer cam and i cant remember from who but being sunday and i cant get hold of him till tomorrow i was wondering where to set ignition timing. on a 88 350 tbi have it set to 0 but heard anywhere from 2 to 10 btdc. does this make any sense

thanks all
8ish would be a good place to start. If it starts to ping at all with the higher compression heads, turn it back.

If you want to run premium you can go a little more, if you run regular and/or live where it gets good and warm, you need to run less.
i think it like on e degre for every thousand feet above sea level? does this sound right
0 deg if you have a stock chip, i run mine at 5 with a aftermarket chip and have the knock sensor hooked up. don't forget to open the timing jumper when seting.

hei ............. 8 degrees and addjust higher slowley till pinging then retard 2 degrees, TBI ........well why would you waste your time?
well he has done many boat motors like this and says it brings thee torque range down to idle and quite frankly it seems like its true. I didnt need or want a racecar, already did that and got the tickets. and i have already snapped a rubber motor mount so i seems pretty peppy but i've yet to get offroad

Man, 305 heads never flowed very well, not sure why he'd do that...

601's, and 416's are supposed to be decent heads, came on the HO motors. Smaller ports and valves mean higher velocity up to a point ( lowwer rpm's ), which means more torque and throttle response. The 601's are supposed to be the best of the lot. Good chamber design, allows running a LITTLE higher comp ratio without problems. Lots of Guys doin this on the Chevelle Tech forum, on there street cars. Just passing some info on. Al
305 heads are the cheap way to bump up compression on a 350. Another (better) way is to buy 350 vortec heads. ;)
305 heads are the cheap way to bump up compression on a 350. Another (better) way is to buy 350 vortec heads. ;)

votec heads are a minimum $100 + another $100 to find out they are cracked at the center coolant holes.

305 heads should be damn near free.

I had 305 heads on my T100 350, but recently put that block under vortec heads and intake in a Suburban.

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