Quarter Panel Repair Question,

Aug 9, 2006
Southern Indiana
As I was working on my Fj60 resto this week, I stumbled across some pretty janky repairs at both quarter panels:mad:. IE, 1/2"+ of Bondo over some good sized crumples/dents; to make things worse, the body wasn't sealed/primed before the Bondo was applied so I now have good sized rusty dents/crumples. The right side damage includes a completely missing wheel opening for the bottom 4-5 inches. . . :rolleyes:

I have yet to completely strip the panel to see the extent of the repair, but I'm thinking I'm going to need quarter panel patches. The reason for my post: Can someone confirm interchangeability between FJ60/62 years? For example, can I put the quarter off of an 89 on my 84?

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