Pumpkin Pig Run Oct 26th-28th

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Mar 6, 2005
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This is an event UC throws every years around this time. It's open to all FJ55's.

It is a really cool place. It is an expedition style trip. UC has a cabin available for anyone who doesn't want to camp or just wants the creature comforts of home but most everyone will be camping.

T-shirts are now available through the UC cafe press site.


They are $20.99 each plus shipping. UC only gets 2 dollars of this.


Please note this event is open to any UC member and any FJ55s that participate in the event.

Most likely my BBQ will be on the plate Friday night. So post up if you plan on attending or have any questions.

I will be at the cabin smoking meet that Thursday for anyone who wants to come up early an hang out.
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Everyone please make known what date you think is best to make the decision as easy on us as possible.
My pig doesnt even have a radio not that radio is good enough for Clemson football.
Oh, you just don't understand about these guys and their football. Last year we sat on top of a beautiful bald, freezing our a$$es off, and they had a direct tv dish and TV hooked up to Marshall's 40. Not kidding.

Obession seems to be a theme in their lives.

If anyone has a chance to make this trip, it's really worth it. I did it last fall and will be there again this fall, hopefully in the pig. We'll see how much I get done this summer, but the goal is to have it ready by october.
Clemson didnt blow any 20 point leads in football. You probably wouldnt understand though being from Michigan they dont even understand football up there, real football is played in the south.
From Michigan?!?! FROM MICHIGAN?!?!!? Boy, dem's fightin' wurds. :flipoff2:

I'll let you know I'm from good 'ole White Rock, South Cakalackie. Born and bred redneck, and refined at Clampsin Univercity.

Those two years spent in MI aren't supposed to be mentioned...they are a four letter word.

OK - Hijack off - back to the Piggie run thread...
Looks like I will be smoking some pig for this run. Have yet to figure out the details but plan on my BBQ for dinner one night. Working on sponsors for the event as we speak.
Howdy! WOW!!! Thats great. I don't think you could improve on that much. I'd luv to bring my Piggy out for the run, as I family up in Ashville, N.C. But, that's a bit of a commute from Phoenix. I would order one of those shirts just to add to my collection. John
We finalized the t-shirt today. I think it looks great. I also updated my first post with the most recent information. I apologize for only a 1 month notice but we didn't want to take anything away from the East Coast pig run.

The views on this run are what you want to come for. It's right in the prime fall season and we are right next to the Blue Ridge Parkway for most of the run. Trails are Moderate. Scratch from limbs can be expected.



These are the views from the camp sites. Very nice waking up in the morning to see this.


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Wish i was a little bit closer, but piggy don't float...

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