puking oil... help?!?

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Dec 10, 2002
Juneau, AK
Ok. So after she wouldn't start up for about a week, I took out the battery, charged it up, put it back in, and she fired right up. Let her run for about 30 mins in the driveway, went out to shut up the hood and go to a friends, and she was puking oil, from what i believe to be the oil pressure sending unit (see photo) but, i've looked in the FSM, Ellery's, etc, and can't find any good illustrations/descriptions. my first question is: if i just order a new one of these and put it in, is this likely to solve the issue, or is it more likely the oil cooler is bad?
It looks like the sender is leaking in the picture. I'd pull the old one and clean up the cooler. If the threads look good, screw a new sender in there and start it up. It might even be that the old sender is just loose. If it will tighten some more, maybe that's the leak.
They are a little bit prone to leaking arond the seem of the sender unit housing. good chance a newy will fix it up.

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