Price Check on 73 FJ40


Nov 15, 2003
I'm looking at a 73 FJ40. It's pretty much stock and complete with a "low mile" replacement F motor and rebuilt tranny. Needs a knuckle job and tie rod ends for sure. Springs and shocks look to be original, and probably need replacing, too. The tub has the "typical" rust in the right rear corner. The seats need to be reupholstered. It has been repainted once, and could probably use another repaint.

Seller is asking $7,000.00, which seems a bit high to me. What do you all think is a fair price?
Jun 28, 2005
NE, Arkansas
dont know where your at, but i bought another lc last week for 2500, its a 77 with a 2f, pto winch and air conditioning. all original and very little rust. All in all real good condition. The majority of all the cruisers on the internet are way too high. The one I bought before this one was a 71 with v8 conversion, running and driving, and enough extra parts like disk brake conversion for the front to fill the back of my toy p/u and also, NO rust, not just a little bit, but NONE. gave 1500. If you look around and dont get in a hurry you can find a better deal. My idea is with the guy above me, just a little more towards the 2500 range. Keep in ming this is just my 2 cents worth, it dont mean im right.
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