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Oct 1, 2002
Newnan, GA
I read the posts about power steering whine but just want to check and make sure I have everything correct.
I have a late model FJ40 with stock power steering. When I got it the PO told me the power steering would whine until warm. That is definitely the case especially when temperatures are really cold outside. I thought it must be the pump so I changed it to another used pump I have. It does the exact same thing, whines like crazy when cold. When I drive it as soon as the fluid is warm, no whine. I tried Lucas in the system and really did not change anything.
I guess I could have two bad pumps but I think that would be strange.

I have another FJ40 with stock power steering and it does not whine at all even in the cold weather.

Can anyone shed some light on this or give me reccomendations please.

Thanks very much!
Jan 17, 2005
Southern Colorado
I would suggest Lucas Power Steering rebuild-in-a-bottle, but you tried that. Are you running Dexron III (not IV) as your regular PS fluid? Are you seeing adequate boost from the pumps, both cold and hot, even while whining?

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