Power Steering Conversion

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Nov 18, 2003
Bought my FJ 40 last year and acquired a Scout Saginaw box and pump. I'm fired up to do the conversion but now I have mixed emotions. The tech page has multible suggestions on how best to do the conversion. The Scout saginaw mounts in front of the shock tower and requires alot of grinding and cutting but apparently requires less linkage, the GM Saginaw mounts in front of the cross member and appears to be an easier installation but is it the best? Because I have the Scout Saginaw I'm compelled to continue but sure don't want to do all that work when there is an easier/better way. Help this newbie out!
do the scout and be done with it....You already have the box...

just follow the guidelines from the tech pages, and you'll be wearing holes in your driveway in amazement from turning your wheel :cheers:

Go with the Scout set up, you can avoid hacking the huge hole in your crossmember like you have to do with the GM conversion. I've heard that some people that have done the Scout conversion as well as the FJ60 PS conversion end up having to remove the stock shock tower(s) and replace them with the F250 shock towers, it's not a big deal or very expensive, just a heads up, good luck.
I've done both Saginaw and Scout. They both work well but the shock tower can be an issue with the Scout box because of it's location. The Scout box can be bolted directly to the frame and doesn't need a welded on bracket but will require an extended tie rod and probably a dropped pitman arm. Personally, I like the Saginaw on a 40 and the Scout on a 55.

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