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Aug 14, 2013
Weston, WI
Looking for some ideas/guidance in the right direction

Recently got to a point in my life where I really want to start/continue a project. Ran across a really nice Landcruiser the other day while walking through the mall, got me thinking.

I have a 77 FJ40 in storage at my parents house. Its pretty rough, the body is pretty much non-existant except for the firewall/forward (previous owners daughter ran it into the river and then it just sat for years in a field), the frame has a few spots rotted through. I do have the transmission/transfer case/axles. Also have the hardtop/doors and some misc parts.

I have an opportunity to buy a 71 and 74 as a package deal. The 71 is frame and axles only, in very good condition. One pinhole of rust on the lower side of the frame. Have parts from the front clip as well.

The 74 has a body that is workable along with the hardtop. The frame wasnt too bad and the axles/transmission/transfer case are there.

Thinking about buying them for a good base to start with.

I have a power steering box from a 70s something ElCamino, a Ford 9 inch from a 77 Lincoln with disc brakes, dana 44 from a scout II and Dana 300 transfer case.. from some previous projects. I also have a 4" suspension lift and some extended shackles (not sure the size).

Used to want to build some sort of trail rig but the guys I used to wheel with have since gotten out of it. So I just want to build an FJ that I can occasionally cruise around in and maybe drive back and forth to work, park next to the bosses j**p.

Here is where I am looking into some guidance:

Should I look into just rebuilding the current running gear, doing some sort of disc brake conversion, just use the FJ running gear
Do I put the Dana 44, 9 inch and Dana 300 in and go from there?


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