Possible New Pig Build Coming from Robby Layton Nation

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Jun 12, 2009
Durango, CO
I follow some of the Utah off road recovery guys on YouTube. Robby Layton has a Jeep build which started from a fire salvage. One of the guys from Bleepin Jeep suggested he should put a FJ55 body on the frame since Robby was looking to do something different. Looks like that might happen. In this episode, he paid $350 for the FJ55. He's on his way to the $5000 budget. 😊. This could be fun to watch as it takes shape. Not for the purist, but it does salvage a 55.

yup, saw that episode too. I will be looking for more from him.
Yeah, I seen that. Should be fun to watch him mate up the frame or make a offroad wrecker out of it. :)

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