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Mar 18, 2020
Hi everyone,

I started hearing some clunking coming from the front passenger side when I crank the wheel to the left or to the right. I got under the car and thinking something was just rubbing after I recently installed some new skid plates, but I found what looks to be some grease leaking on the inside of the knuckle. Pictures below. Can anyone confirm that this is an axle seal issue? I don't know when/if the knuckle has ever been rebuilt. I've been searching up on the forum and it looks like a pretty labor intensive job, but doable if you have all the parts/tools. I just want to be sure I am headed in the right direction before I start tearing the knuckle apart.

Issue - 1.jpg
Issue - 2.jpg
Nov 9, 2012
Olathe, KS, USA
Yes, you have what is known as "Birf Soup".

The inner axle seal has failed and it has mixed the gear oil in the differential with the grease in the knuckle (Birfield Housing)

This is not a life and death thing, you can keep driving it as long as you make sure your differential oil levels are correct and you should maybe add some moly type grease to the square fill plug on the top front of the knuckles. I use Valvoline Palladium for mine. You can get it in there with a grease gun and just squirt a bunch in there. Depending on the type of grease gun, you may put in 50 pumps or 200 pumps.

Yes, you are due for a front axle rebuild.

Go to Cruiser Outfitters www.cruiserteq.com and they can get you everything you need. They also like phone calls and can talk you through everything you need.

Otramm makes a GREAT video on how to do this rebuild and you can do this yourself as a rite of passage. If you don't we will heckle you for the rest of your life.

May as well do the rear axle too.
And while your in there, do brakes, rotors, and calipers (seriously)
How are your tires?
Any engine oil leaks?

Slow windows?
I'll bet your sunroof leaks, too.....when you get rain.


Dec 8, 2006
Sudbury, Ont. CA
Check diff breather tubes and extend front up into engine bay. I bring the rear breather tube into fuel door housing via a drill bit and use a gear clamp over the hose to keep it from sliding down and out.
BTW make it a habit to clean the tube at diff to hose junction as sometimes this will plug....listen for air movement as this is a clue.

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