Poll on total brake failure in 100 series

Has your 100 series LC experienced total -or near total- brake failure?

  • No.

    Votes: 553 83.7%
  • Yes. My truck had between 0 and 50k miles at the time.

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • Yes. My truck had between 50k and 100K at the time.

    Votes: 6 0.9%
  • Yes. My truck had between 100K and 150k at the time.

    Votes: 31 4.7%
  • Yes. My truck had between 150k and 200k at the time.

    Votes: 31 4.7%
  • Yes. My truck had between 200k and 250K at the time.

    Votes: 24 3.6%
  • Yes. My truck had between 250k and 300k at the time.

    Votes: 13 2.0%
  • Yes, My truck had over 300k at the time.

    Votes: 7 1.1%

  • Total voters


Feb 12, 2017
Portland, OR
Anyone with a total brake system failure try this route with NHTSA?

This is an excellent idea. I've seen people mention to report it but this article gives hope that it could actually result in something being done. Everybody reading this who had a unexplained failure should submit their complaint, potentially with them seeing a sudden large number coming through might prompt some response.
Sounds like all they need is one well-written formal petition. So far there’s 107 ‘voted’ failures in this thread. That’s a pretty compelling case.
Jun 12, 2011
Definitely worth a shot. I know some people will say that this is a small community of enthusiasts and therefore only a small amount of rigs are experiencing brake failure. But really, this group of enthusiasts is a sampling overall of everybody who drives a Land Cruiser or Toyota product. So you can imagine if 83% of the people on here haven't experienced brake failure ( that number won't be totally accurate because many of them are not the original owners and have no idea what maintenance was done prior) but 13% have. Then you think what, maybe 1000 people who currently own 100 series are actually on the forum. A little over half have voted, others like me are just watching. Think of how many thousands of other owners are out there who have no idea this forum exists or that it could be a common problem. How many of them have had brake failure? 13% is a lot when you consider how big a deal no brakes can be !
Jun 20, 2016
San Diego
If I was doing it again, and buying a high mileage truck north of say 150k miles. Swapping out the sub assembly brake booster part and doing the $70 rebuild would be VERY high on my list of baselining the truck. WAY before t-belt. Part was $1100 from cruiserparts.net or cheaper overseas EBAY.

I was luckly enough to have the alarms happen few miles from work and still had brake pressure. Engine off, at work parking lot. I went to pump the brakes like I'd be bleeding the system. the 40 times the FSM says to pump....I pumped 3 times and brake pedal went to the floor. Really lucky I didn't have my family with me when this happened. I live in a hilly area of San Diego.

I saved my old booster assembly to get rebuilt and leave it on the shelf for the next rainy day in 190k miles later
Jan 23, 2016
Auburn, AL
Luckily, my failure happened as safely and "conveniently" as possible. Towed my RZR to the other side of ATL and back one weekend and had no issues. Started the truck Monday morning ( the next day) to head to the office, and the death beep immediately started. No brakes at all. I ended up ordering a rebuilt motor and swapping it myself. I can't imagine the outcome if my brakes had failed while towing on I-285. Mileage was around 115,000 at the time.
Dec 4, 2006
Foothills of Arkansas
I had a failure but not associated with what the OP posted I don’t believe, so I’d thought I’d post it to see if anyone else has experienced it. While coming down a very long steep grade in Utah back country and having to use my brakes a lot more than I felt comfortable with , I lost my brakes without warning . I was able to pump them up with several quick pumps but it would go to the floor on the initial pedal push. We diagnosed it as the brake fluid boiling from possible excess water in the fluid and excessive heat build up from riding the brakes. I let it cool as long as I could then geared down like I should have done at the top of the grade , but after getting to camp, I opened the hood and did all I could to get the fluid cooled down. After it did the next morning my brakes seemed ok . When I got home I checked the pads front and rear and they were all thin and needed replaced ASAP which I did. I still need to bleed the system but do believe this failure was a result of heat from the thin pads and moisture in the system causing the fluid to boil and become useless with no lights or warnings of any kind.
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