Builds PiM '96 LX450 Build Thread

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Sep 19, 2018
New York
Greetings, readers. This will be the build thread for my newly acquired LX450.

This LX was a Southern California vehicle that I had trucked all the way to NY. There's no rust anywhere on it. It has 261,000 miles, and seems to be in fantastic shape, mechanically. The body and paint are likewise in great shape. The plastic trim looks very tired though, and the interior is a mess, so I'll be starting there.


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Yes, please more info on the seats!
I redid the mounts for the front seats, having them welded instead of using hardware. No pictures because the process was basically the same as what I've already posted, except the stock feet were cut down in height, to overall lower the front seats.

I also picked up some marine grade plywood for my next project.
I ordered and subsequently received ARP knuckle studs with hardened lock nuts from Front Range Off-Road. I installed them into the knuckles with red threadlocker. I shouldn't have any issues with the knuckle studs now. I completed the rest of the knuckle rebuild, including packing the Birfield joints, bearings, knuckles, and hubs with Redline CV-2 grease after cleaning all of the parts thoroughly.


I put together a proof of concept for my custom center console. I'm using the armrest from the same Audi from which the front seats were taken.

This is the view with the driver's seat temporarily reinstalled. The armrest is slightly too high, I'll have to angle it downward in the back to compensate.

The front of the top section of the center console protrudes out too far, it prevents the gear shifter from moving into the Low position. It also prevents the full engagement of the handbrake, even though the handbrake was modified. I'll have to cut down this portion of the console, as indicated.

I want the front of the top section to be more rounded, so I'm stacking up plywood cuts to make the shape I'm looking for

This is the glue-up for the plywood stacks that will form the front of the console
I made more progress on the center console this weekend. I cut the sides of the console, to angle the armrest down and so that the console protrudes less to the front.

I glued and screwed the plywood stack to the front of the console, reattached the armrest bracket to the console, and temporarily inserted the cupholder.

I test fit the console in the vehicle. The clearance issues with the handbrake and gear shifter have been resolved, and the armrest sits at a very comfortable height.

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