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Mar 13, 2003
Raleign / Durham, NC
Todd and all,
I talked with Tanya today and she gave me the info on clear coatings.

One of the major reasons why modern paint is so expensive is because of the durability demands of the OEM's (thankfully!).
Clearcoats have a UV stability package called UV/HALS for both OEM and refinish products. The 2 types of additives are:
UV inhibitors and,
HALS - Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers. :eek:

These components migrate to the surface of the coating and change the UV light into heat instead of breaking bonds (which would degrade the coating). These components unfortunately do not allow chemical adhesion, so by scuffing the surface only, the painter is relying on the mechanical adhesion to hold the first coating (which is the primer) to the surface.

She explained to me the chemistry involved with the way that the UV energy is transfered around the molecule (which is in a ring configuration) to provide protection, but I don't think the group is too interested in that aspect (although I think it is very interesting).

She also said that you may get acceptable results by just scuffing the surface, but you won't know how well the coating adheres unless you test it (which none of us have the ability to do). She said that is why she demanded that our management quote removal of the clear coat completely to be on the save side and provide the best possible result (because the OEM's do require complete testing). (Reference previous replies.)

I guess it depends on each persons time and patience! - What a pain in the A$$ though.
Apr 25, 2002
Bella Vista, AR
I am right in the middle of the paint work on my FJ45 truggy project. The frame (gloss black) and cage + tube work (Indian Summer Silver) are done and the cab and box (Dodge Viper Red) will hopefully be shot this weekend. Since this is an off-road rig, I am using a single stage, mid-range PPG acrylic enamel ($100/gal), but am using the high quality DP90 self-etching primer ($185/gal). I use an HVLP turbine compressor that delivers 60 cfm at 5psi.  My only advice -- don't underestimate the time and $$ it takes to do a decent job.
Medusa, you are the man!! Love the project. Good website with good info man! Kudos :bow:

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