overload springs??????

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May 28, 2008
Badger, Minnesota
when i bought my fj40 from my dad last year he took out overload springs in the rear that were put in by the PO. is there alot of people who put overloads in? i am thinking someone just put them in for god knows what reason.
Overload leaf springs seem to be installed by people with the intention of trying to counteract the effects of sacked out stock leaf springs that are likely 30-plus years old, causing the truck to sit with the rear lower than the front.
thats what i was thinking as mine were shot. i m happy to say though i just bought a lift kit and shims.
Mine has the a=full length add a leafs on all four corners. While it wouldn't be my "first" choice in suspension mods it does seem to be holding up well.

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