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Why did you even bother removing them in the first place?
What you don't take your pair off to inspect your holes every oil change?? :flipoff2:

They were off because I'm finishing up a full-engine rebuild for a client hence the "if it were my car I'd just plug and weld the damn hole up but I can't" statement. The studs looked fine when the manifolds were out, I usually chase every bolt and nut with thread cleaners and thought I had done so on these bastards but must have missed them.

I didn't feel like I rushed the second one but probably did since the first one didn't fight me that hard. Oh well, there's always solutions to problems like this, they just take time.

I appreciate the input everyone!

Here's a juicy pict as payment
I have a variety of tools for stud removal but this is my go to. With an impact I think there is only a couple of times it busted a stud vs pulling it.


Grinding flats weakens the stud. I'd avoid doing that. Welding on a nut is much better.

Don't be afraid to use the acetylene torch.

20 years as a machinist. I've never met a hydraulic cylinder gland nut I couldn't bust and only had one 12' long 6" bore 6000 PSI hydraulic cylinder I couldn't get the piston nut loose and had to machine it off. It's all about thinking it through and going for the sure bet. Never go for the "it might work" option. The time difference is negligible.

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