Oops! Did I use the wrong grease?

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Aug 20, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Hey guys. Just came to the realization that the grease I used in my front birfield was just Lucas red and tacky #2. I usually use Redline, but had none on hand. I grabbed the Lucas because it was in the cabinet. I can’t find anything on if Lucas r&d is molybdenum disulfide or not. Does anyone know? It was a stupid rushed move and I didn’t even think about it at the time.
Red and tacky is not moly...
No it's not moly.

Now your head gasket's gonna blow.........

Only if you're a heavy off roader would this be a serious issue.

Up to you if you want to purge and refill.
I've heard you can get moly powder and add it to the knuckles. Search around.. I know I've seen some threads on it.

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