On Fire - white 100 series in Atlanta

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Apr 30, 2009
Atlanta, GA
I just passed a white 100 series on fire in Atlanta. If that was you, sorry for your loss… What happened?!
O-man.. someone's having a bad day. (not me)
I have a video, but it might be insensitive to post it if the person is on this forum.
Wow....I hope everyone escaped unharmed that's very unfortunate. I'd say give it a day or two and if they are a member then they'll most likely post something about it on their own. After that time is up I think it would be okay to post it, that's just my opinion though. Plus I'm very curious as to what a 100 series engulfed in flames looks like....not that I EVER want to know or EVER wish that on anyone, just curious:)I'm interested as to what started it as well. Maybe a short in a shoddy wiring job done for some DIY accessory the owner installed? Just another reason to carry a class C&D (flammable liquid & electrical) fire extinguisher.
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Is that the car fire that was on the news this am - 285 and Lavista?
Yep. From my view small flames were coming out near the Oil pan and within minutes there were 10ft flames.
There was discussion about this happening a few weeks ago regarding the LC 100 gas tank pressure issue. Might not be related though.
haha. It's a really nice car guys. I'm just playing around. I've done a few of the classic "2000UZJ" touches and highly modified the lighting and a few other things. It's no 100, but at the end of the day I can get 600 miles out of the tank and it's got a 10 year warranty.

ha ha I kid, I kid! A friend has a Kia Optima with the turbo engine and it was damn nice for the price. I just bought a 100, but there is no denying that the gas mileage is TERRIBLE. Oh and it doesn't effortlessly cruise at 90 like my other cars....
I've also got a '15 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid (near exact opposite of my LX and mechanical twin to the Optima). Not going to lie: thing is built exceptionally well and I do like that it gets 40+mpg and has that 10 year warranty. Kia and Hyundai aren't bad like they were 10 years ago. Of course, they aren't quite Toyota quality.
To be honest, Toyota isn't what it was 10 years ago. The desire to become the largest automaker has led to some non optimal decisions. Crazy to think that at this point it is more likely that I would buy a Kia than a Toyota in many scenarios.
We ended up getting a KIA for the wife.. She loves it. I have to admit its packed with technology and is pretty nice.. Even AWD with locking center Diff. Would be fun to lift and off road it.. :hmm:

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