OBD for 1992 FJ80

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Feb 20, 2021
San Antonio
I have searched high and low and can’t find the correct OBD code reader/adapter, that doesn’t cost $200+… can someone post a link for the correct one? Much obliged for any help.
Someone please correct me on this but I thought the OBD reader on a 92 is a paper clip jumper and you count the flashes on the dash. I realize technology advances so I am open to correction on this one.
Comet is correct. You might be able to find something used, like the snap On Tools MT2500 that supports the pre-OBD 2 LC diagnostics.
This is correct, the Snap On MT2500 does a great job on OBD1 trucks. I've used my MT2500 for years and the nice thing about using it on OBD1 trucks like my 94 Land Cruiser. It live streams all the engine data, so no need for a paper clip or counting the number of "check engine" light flashes.
Jumping on the thread, I got on OBD2 scanner and an OBD 1 to OBD 2 converter but I am unable to get any readings although I can connect to the device.
The OBD2 works on my friends Fortuner 2015 (OBD2 ready of course), is there any work around for this ?
I really doubt that would work for any Land Cruiser with OBD1, it's not the same protocol as OBD2.
It's not about the cable connection.
I die try it and no game lol. The converter works Bluetooth obd works but its simply not communicating.
Maybe i just need to upgrade the ecu and cables ?

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