O2 Sensor Trouble

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Aug 17, 2004
Humboldt Nation
Sold the 91. Have a $1000 deposit for delivery Monday. Went to smog this last Monday and popped a code(25). Diagnossed bad air diverter valve(oem $850) and rh O2 sensor. Got a 'previously owned' diverter valve from TAP due today. Went to order the O2 and NAPA can't get the rh sensor(oem style). They don't offer a universal for the rh side. Toyota calls them front and rear and their # doesn't cross to Bosch, only Beck Arnley and both front and rear Toyota #'s cross to the same BA #.
There's a right and a left O2. Toyota calls them front and rear. Does anyone know if the rh sensor is the front or rear?
This puppy is sold so my plan right now is to get the BA sensor and call it good.:frown:
What do you think?
You should consult CDAN
LH one is what they call "Front".
RH one is what they call the "Back"
LH one is what they call "Front".
RH one is what they call the "Back"

thank's Eric.
I went ahead and ordered the BA sensor. Called BA and they crossed the 2 Toyota #'s to the same BA part number so I'm going with that to be done with it, and a lower price.
We'll see,
Go with the ones from sparkplugs.com if you're on a budget, not quite OEM but close enough and work great on my '92 and concretejungle has been happy with them on his FZJ.
Correct, the reason being:

Front three cyl's route to the LH downpipe; rear three route to the RHS.


I had no idea. Thanks. (genuine)

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