O2 sensor 3fe location

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Dec 5, 2010
Northeast PA
Is it safe to assume the O2 sensor wires that come down along the fender are for cylinders 1,2,3, and the O2 sensor wires that come down along the transmission tunnel are for cylinders 4,5,&6?

It's a 91 3fe. I read the thread about 'which o2 wires are which' but the color codes don't match with my vehicle.
There is no way to mix these up as there are 2 separate down pipes. Unless the OEM wiring has been molested they are fixed in length and fastened to the body.
The one closest to the down pipe for 1,2,3 is for 1,2,3.

OX1 wiring is grey, yel/red stripe, light blu/white stripe, brown
OX2 wiring is orange,yel/red stripe, white, brown

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