Now Koyo and Blue Fan clutch hotter than ever

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Mar 25, 2009
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New Koyo and Blue Fan clutch hotter than ever

My rig is a Black 97 with a S/C, and sitting at about 200k.

Over the winter I had my cooling system pressure checked due to an apparent slow leak.. The shop said the top of my radiator was split and therefore needed to be replaced. The shop offered me a great price on the labor so I decided to let them do it..

After some research I decided to go with a koyo coper radiator and had the shop put in a new blue fan clutch and hoses while they were in there. they did not replace the thermostat, water pump, or radiator cap...

Fast forward to the weeks of 90+ degree heat we have been having here in Central Alabama... She is running hotter than ever.. Before the work I would have some issues offroading in the heat but never around town and now I can't cruise around with out hitting 211+... I have to have the hood popped to keep it from running away..

My first thought is to pull the fan clutch and mod it but I'm not sure if it will solve my problem or just reduce the symptoms..

I am already running a pusher fan on a manual switch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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I would replace the thermostat and rad cap since they're fairly cheap and I agree w/ modding the fan clutch and go from there.
Id check to make sure there is no air in the system esp. with twin heaters. Mike
Didn't replace the cap? Isn't this a no-no when switching brands of radiators becuase the of the groove create on the gsket of the cap might not seat properly... I say go get a new cap immediately.
When I swapped to an all aluminum the OEM cap that i had bought literally a week prior didn't fit anyway...
Thanks Guys...

You know, sometimes you have to first ask a question to realize how dumb it was... The tsat and radiator cap are things that should be replaced any time you do a job like this so I need to just do it..
And it seems that I don't wheel unless its 95 out side so the fan clutch does need to be modded.

I'll get my parts on order today and see what happens....

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