Nov15 2008 Monthly Meeting ( HAMOM )

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cool...i just ordered my rear bumper and swing out tire carrier that has 2 jerry can holders, axe holder, shovel holder plus can have backuplights, etc added later. HOpe they are here for HAMOM or will have to have an improptu wrench party one day as well. LOL Sure I will need help holding and fitting the bumper as well as the swingout tire carrier.

Now to save money for a front bumper and winch......
I might have gone for the winch first, but I'm sure it will all come in time
ill find out tues if im workin the weekend if so ill be there after 1430
I might have gone for the winch first, but I'm sure it will all come in time

that was the plan but got opportunity to get the swingout and tire carrier I had wanted that is not being built commercially...a one time buy a special price for now....and if demand increases may be built again....but had to jump on opportunity as it may not come up again.

Maybe I can work some overtime this year and get the other too.:cool:
more than welcome....i retired from the base there in 2004 and live in West Ashley. Guy at Fire Dept has an FJ Cruiser and a couple other on base....but not been able to get them out really. The fireman came out once and never came back.....LOL I think Doc tried to give him a prostrate check and scared him off...LOL
Welcome!!! The more the merrier
Nice rig.
I might have gone for the winch first, but I'm sure it will all come in time

After his north meets south run and the rummor of this short t shirt and thong impresonation. He may be thinking of rear end protection. More than getting unstuck. LOL Doc

Oh and guess what? Uncle and the plant have conspired again and I am scheduled to work on the 15th. in Newberry SC so won't be able to make the Hammon:mad:. I called David and will drop off the 62 with him so it will be there anyway. Good luck getting Ron armored up across the rear end. LMAO :cheers:
im goin just need time and directions AGAIN anyone bringin/need a floor jack or stands?
is this for Nov 8 or 15 ???? i was thinking its this saturday ????
next Sat Nov. 15. I'll be scouting this weekend
next Sat Nov. 15. I'll be scouting this weekend

Have a great trip with the boy's. I'll drop off the cruiser to your house this week end and leave the key as before. Oh and I'll throw in a couple of jack stands and the shocks for the hammon. Wish I could be there but gotta work. :cheers:
err title says nov 8 oh well
guess my status is unknown
how about our local boys...mooker, sherman, stewart, fireman on base with blue FJ, Bob with blue FJ40.....and maybe our Myrtle Beach group?

Plannin' on being there. ---Stuart
Looking forward to seeing everyone NEXT weekend.
if you guys have not seen someone post on here for a while please give them a call and invite them again....I am going to try and run down Bob (dont have his number) and the Fireman on base....and swing by the Vet Clinic for BEAR and anyone else I can find. Call them, email them or visit them.

Also we had a couple during summer that said to get back with them after in Beaufort near Maglight...and one up here.

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