Not sure of INLET on used pass through diesel muffler

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Feb 7, 2010
Wally Land
My Brothas, I have here a diesel pass through- type muffler which I picked up used.... was wondering if anyone might quickly educate me on which opening is the inlet. I've spent a little time on the internet but no such luck so far.

I'm out here making exhaust pipe and want to complete this today but realized I'm missing one piece: which opening on muffler is INLET.

I bought this used and it was off a Dodge diesel with Cummins 6BT in it.

My thought was that the INLET side (from turbo) is this end:

-----maybe because the "open" angles of all the little vanes (for better lack of words) running back along the inside pipe, would force the inlet air to divide off into the other chamber as it makes its way back toward what I'm thinking is the OUTLET side.

OUTLET side here (?):


View of whole taco:

Do I have this right?

Howdy! I would guess the same way you are guessing. I am surprised there is no arrow or marking on the outside of the muffler. John
Seriously, if there is a Farm/Tractor Supply type store around, or maybe even a good auto parts store, go look at some of their diesel mufflers and see if it is obvious from looking down the pipe. Even Wally World might have one laying around. ya never know. John

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