SOLD NM: 73 fj55

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Vehicle Model
  1. 55 Series
55 is in ABQ NM. I’m here till Tuesday, then headed back to GA/FL. Can arrange whatever pickup with my brother or I can fly back if needed.

73 fj55 all vins match
Clean Cali title.
Spent time in Cali, AZ, CO, and NM from the paperwork that comes with it.

LP will not come with the 55. My brother bought this for me and it’s a bit too nice a patina ride for me to spray a color I want. If it was rusted out I wouldn’t care, but to me it should stay stock paint with how nice it is. So if someone is interested here it is.

I’m still hunting a house in the worst buyers market ever currently so this is months out for me.

Can take pictures of whatever you’d like. Personally I have never seen an unrestored this clean.

PO had it garaged while he owned it. I believe it’s original paint. Aside from whoever was trying to do a swap spraying the inner fenders/ firewall with some bright white paint. If it’s not original all the seals where removed and they did a very nice job. IMO. I have checked all the window areas for paint tape lines or overspray. Rubber is clean and free of paint. If it was repainted it was years ago. Either way it’s a very nice patina candidate.

Sitting on 60 series axles that still need set up properly or just switched with something else.
No drivetrain. Someone was doing some sort of 60/80 swap. The floorboard around the trans tunnel and firewall has been cut. Probably the ugliest part about it to me. The motor mounts have been removed.
Rockers have rock rash and dents in some places. See pictures.

All lights are present
Grill, headlight buckets present
Seats in great shape
Dash cracked
Hood clean
Headliner there. Has a few tears see pics
Floors very rust free
All floor mats present
Some Toyota bags and Toyota stamped tools present
Underbelly was coated I believe see pics
All glass present. Needs driver cargo gasket to reinstall glass
All door, kick, cargo panels present
Box of bolts, door handles, brake master, clutch master, booster, ect.
Rear window regulator/ motor present

Trans tunnel cuts
Bumpers missing
Radiator missing
Drivetrain missing
Rear window gear missing
Engine bay bright white paint
Axles need work mounts not set properly on front.
Frame will need mounts/steering box

$7500 OBO
575-202-4624 text first or leave a message and I’ll call back.

I’ll send pics of title to those who are serious.

No holds without a non refundable deposit. Flakes happen too often. Full payment in cash or wire transfer only. Have no problem shipping. Sent cruisers to several buyers all over the US. Can pull out of yard with a tractor. I suggest a winch for trailer.

Other stuff:

I have a 72/73 era 3 speed and t case that is at NM gear and clutch. I can sell with it if someone is interested. They are inspecting and resealing it. Price would be whatever I have in it.

2F at budlong Motorsports being rebuilt as well price would also be whatever I have in it. But that may not be completed yet. FI kit available for it as well. The GM kit from back in the day.

(5) 33x9.50x15 BFG AT and 5 stock fj40 wheels with hubcaps available as well. $1000. Been in storage for many years, no dry rot/ have nubs showing low use.





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Stuff I’m looking for that could be added as part of an offer:

Early 60’s hardtop windshield frame I have the rest.
Rolling frame early 60’s. Titled even better. Not necessary tho.

Possibly interested in trades, but I’d like some cash to go with it. Unless you have something I’m dying to have. I’m not a purist so v8 and Chevy drivetrain vehicles would be appealing. I really wanted another 55 on here. Had the LT1 and 4l60e but couldn’t sell a fj40 fast enough to grab it.

Overall I’d like to see this go to someone wanting to keep the paint and patina. So open to rusty fj40’s/fj55’s with cash. PM me what you have if interested in working something out.
Yeah I keep spacing that on here. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll ad an ad. It’s not dire currently but I figured someone might want to do some trading.

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