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Apr 29, 2005
Your mom
Well jumped in head first on a full blown tune-up. After much reading and research did the following:

Replaced the valve cover gaskett. Found no sludge but some varnish build-up after 160k. Replaced plug seals too, they were pretty well done, took some prying to remove from valve cover. Be careful when putting new ones in they go in a certain way.

Replaced plugs wires rotor and cap pretty much straight foward.

Removed throttle body and cleaned real good. The little hose up underneath the body will leak alittle coolant no big deal.

New air filter

Replaced thermostat and did a flush of radiator. Found some sludge at the top disconnected thermostat housing and ran hose thru the top and flushed pretty good. Also highly reccomend removing block plug to get all of fluid out of block. Replaced coolant with oem and distilled water.

Replaced brake pads front and back flushed out master cylinder.

Flushed power steering unit replaced with mobil 1 atf. Disconnected return line jacked up front end put on stands and had my son move steering wheel back and forth to pump old fluid out. Put the key to the acc position do start truck this was reccomended by someone here thanks it works well make sure you have a big bucket underneath to catch old fluid, Pour new fluid in as the wheel is being turned.

Also drained the tranny. Added 4.5 mobil 1 will do the change this way a few more times and then drop the pan and change filter.

This took me a couple of weekends two to three hours each day taking my time. Thaks for the help it is much appreciated since i probably saved myself aton of money in labor.

Next frontend birfs and rear bearing repacks.

Andy :grinpimp:
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