New to LC. Any input on what I should pay for this fj62 1988?

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Jun 16, 2016
Central tx
I'm new here, and to the Landcruiser. I'm currently restoring a scout, but I have looked at many LC's over the past year to buy and haven't quite found the right one.
Recently I stumbled upon this 1988 fj62 with 191000 miles on it.

1. The body looks great, with very minor issues, I noticed the lower door trim is hanging on the drivers side.
2. Very minimal rust if any.
3. Interior is in very good condition.

The problem is I haven't gotten the chance to hear it running yet as I'm waiting for the owner to get back from vacation. He alluded to it needing some engine work. However it does run.

I'm attaching the few pictures I have.

What questions should I ask to determine value. And if those things pan out, any suggestions what I should pay?




It looks real clean. If it's truly 'rust free' it's worth a little premium. It all depends on what the owners definition of 'some' engine work is though. Get us some more detailed pics, especially of the rust prone areas and find out more details about the engine and we'll be able to give you a better idea of the value. It looks well cared for though. It would be helpful to know about the service history and any mods. Good luck, if you can get this rig for a decent price, you'll be in good shape. it looks nice, for what you can see anyway. The proof is in the pudding - see what it sounds like, what the spark plugs/oil/antifreeze looks like, compression test would be at the top of my list. But it seems to bode well, seems like it's been well cared for.

Price is always hard and really subjective. In my area where Cruiser are popular, I would expect to see that listed for around $6000 to $8000. Some have paid that for much worse and others would tell you you're crazy...after the basics are covered it becomes more a game of what it's worth to you and what they're willing to let it go for.
IMHO that's high, but I'm a cheap bastard.

That is a very clean cruiser.
A lot of guys here will tell you that $10k is high. They'll tell you that you can find something for $5k which is true, but it won't look like that. You'll have to put another 5-7 thousand into it to make it look as good as this truck. In their defense, they're mostly buying these trucks as trail rigs and it wouldn't make sense for them to pay a premium for a Land Cruiser in this condition. They are also more of a DIY crowd, that can refurb, repair & modify for a lot cheaper than most.

Depending on the engine/drivetrain, I think between 9-10k is fair market value. I've seen some sell for more than that too. What are your plans for this truck? How will you use it? Will this be a DD or a weekend fun camper/explorer? Are you looking for a trail rig/bug out truck? The answer to this will dictate what you should pay for a LC and this particular rig may or may not be for you.

By the way, the motors in LC's are pretty stout, so I doubt there isn't anything that can't be fixed. But I would still find someone that is knowledgeable to take a look at it for you. Check the clubhouse section and post for help, someone is usually willing to lend their expertise to you. Good luck man.
I just bought one in similar condition and same color for $9K. Mine had a crack in the dash and small rip in the drivers seat vinyl.... otherwise rust free and runs great. Be sure to check the tranny as they're the weak link and can be very expensive ($2-3K) to repair.
I paid $7k in February for one with 220k and rust free. Super clean interior but a little body damage on passenger door and some little fix its like speedo cable, etc. I would say $10k is about right for that fj62.
If you didn't notice, the front birfs are leaking and will need a rebuild. That coupled with needing some engine work should give you some bargaining power.
10K is the max I would pay. Very clean truck, but flat front springs, and needs the usual PM and cleanup. I'm cheap, too, and would like to pay 5-6, but might settle for 8K.

You will have to look a LONG time to find one that nice (as shown in the pix, at least), so if you REALLY want an FJ62, and like the color and other aspects, buy it. Lots of straight chrome, a good grille, no dents, good cargo area and interior - there's just a lot right with the way that truck sits. Look at some Mud ads and see roughly what others are asking for a similar rig.

Those hokey running boards have protected the rocker panels from chips, so while I'd remove them, they may have done some good (if the PO didn't drill a dozen holes in those same clean rocker panels to mount the boards).
Wow, looks great! Might be in need of an axle seal/knuckle job--looks like goop dripping on the tire? Maybe a negotiating chip. $10k seems fair if it runs and doesn't need MAJOR work. I've paid nearly that much for a cruiser in much worse condition (interior) that needed a paint job, but a V8 and some off road goodies (only valuable depending on who you ask).
Thanks so much for all the feedback. I'll be meeting with him within the week to determine the engine/transmission status as well as how many owners.

Another note is that all the tires need to be replaced. I was thinking of offering $7k
There is a thing about negotiating. It's hard to go down ;)

Good luck. That does look like a great cruiser!
I would be willing to give him $8k for it as long there is no other issues. Just my 2 pennies.
There is a thing about negotiating. It's hard to go down ;)

Good luck. That does look like a great cruiser!

I think you mean it's hard to go up.

This truck looks really clean to me and I'd say that if you want to get into the Land Cruiser thing that it's worth 10K. I'd put a $500 deposit down on it, take it to a mechanic that you trust and if nothing major appears in the works then I'd say buy it. I'd then get ready to start spending money as the 10K is going to be an entry fee.

Good luck and welcome.
As a note, i see a red stain on the concrete that could be atf from power steering leak and my guess ia a rear main leak as well. Clean body though!

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