1. J

    For Sale Price check on 77 FJ40?

    A friend is offering a 77 FJ40 with a 350 swap, lift kit, and off road tires for $8,500 (TMU). Truck has been sitting for a few years (albeit protected in a covered shed), but we put a little gas in the tank and a hit of fuel in the carb and she started right up...gotta love a 350. Body is...
  2. NCTroutHunter

    99' LX 470 with 165K - good deal?

    Newbie here. I found a decent looking 99 Lx470 with 165K - dealer is asking $5900. - Some bubbling of the paint on the rear door - Timing belt replacement unknown - Spent most of it's life in FL and VA Is this a decent deal? What other questions should I be asking? What else should I...
  3. H

    2006 Land Cruiser 101,000 miles, one owner. Price?

    When I was looking for a Land Cruiser I left a note under the wiper of a really nice looking 2006 LX that was parked in front of a house close to where I live. After that I found my 1998 LX with 134,000 miles and bought it for a great price. Very happy with it BUT.... Now the owner of the 2006...
  4. TeacherMan

    2000 LX tail gate rust: deal breaker?

    Hello, all. Last week, I totaled my 2000 LX. Devastating. I have very little time to find a replacement, which of course is adding extra stress. Looking for another 2000 with less than 200k miles, and with solid records in Missouri or surrounding area. Obviously not an easy find. It took me...
  5. O

    eBay 1977 FJ40. Fair Price?

    This seller, familiar to some, wants $7500 firm. Think that is a fair price? 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 | eBay
  6. Psuclam

    What's a fair price for locked and Ome suspension 97 lx450?

    hi there Toying with idea of picking up the 97 lx450. Has lockers and Ome suspension and winch. Vague maintenance records but claims engine rebuild. 182,000 miles and looks in decent shape minus rusty running boards. Listed at $13,xxx in California. What is fair value? Thanks Mike
  7. M

    New to LC. Any input on what I should pay for this fj62 1988?

    Hey, I'm new here, and to the Landcruiser. I'm currently restoring a scout, but I have looked at many LC's over the past year to buy and haven't quite found the right one. Recently I stumbled upon this 1988 fj62 with 191000 miles on it. 1. The body looks great, with very minor issues, I...
  8. SimplyTanner

    How much should I sell my 1983 seatbelts for!?

    I am selling an entire driver and passenger set of stock seatbelts with hardware from my '83 pickup to a fellow Toyota owner in Maui. I have no idea how much I should ask. Everything works great. Used but loved. Any thoughts on price?
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