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Jan 1, 2007
new tires came today fed-ex 33x9.50 they are huge I hope they fit and look good on steel rims and caps.My 60 is in the shop getting a brand new 5 speed ..............they are HUGE
I thought the same thing when I picked up my 33's. They looked way bigger by themselves than I remembered (I had 33's on a previous rig). They don't look as big once you get them on. Are you stock or do you have a lift?
my 35's look all small... i NEED 37's... and maybe a sawzall blade or 2:grinpimp: :grinpimp:
May be tight. Depends on how much sag you have. Guys have run 33's stock with no issues, others rub. Being 9.50's will help. I have 3.5" (probably 3" now that it's settled) of lift on mine, and the 33's fit nicely, with plenty of room. It's in the registry, #525.
When I first got my 33/9.50s I was stock and they fit fine. If I can dig up a pic I will post, but you shouldn't have any trouble.

Kind of hard to tell, but the road was a rough rutty ride and didn't have any rubbing from the tires.
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