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Feb 1, 2008
Keller, TX
Hi all. Always wanted one of these rigs, just bought a '96 LX450 with 88k., no lockers (Though Bush's "economic stimulus package" should fund some ARB's). One owner, wife of the Lexus Dealer's Service Dept Manager. HG done preventatively 6k ago. Probably overpaid but hadn't seen one this clean (all records, service right on time, etc.)

Grew up around Series II, IIA, and III Rovers (Father has a restoration shop) so I am probably going to be disowned. So far the thing seems bulletproof. This will be a hiking/climbing rig (multiple trips per year to CO) not a rock crawler. Usually in town for the weekend so used to save time to the trailhead.

Immediately put on 285 Revos and have the diff lock switch on order. Question is, mechanically, what sort of 4WD system is this? (I know, I am a newbie, I'll go :flipoff2:myself). I drive Subaru's around town so I get AWD and, again, used to the part time 4WD in the old Rovers. Am I running a sort of AWD until I lock the center or is it something wholly different?
Just be forewarned... you are going to get a lot of "SEARCH" replies, as is normal on this Forum. And the :flipoff2: is the universal "Welcome to MUD" symbol, so GO SEARCH and :flipoff2:

But to answer your questions:
The 4WD system is "Full Time 4 Wheel Drive". There are 3 differentials as opposed to 2 on a standard part-time 4x4 - the 3rd being a center differential that allows power to be different between the front and rear axles. This is for pavement use so your drivetrain doesn't bind up.

The center differential lock switch you ordered allows you to manually control the center differential in high range. Normally, the center diff locks automatically only when shifted into LOW. You usually want your center differential locked for offroad use unless you are on a really windy trail and don't need the traction.

Another reason to have this switch is if you snap an axle it allows you to drive home in high range with the CDL locked - if it is not locked the truck won't move as all power would shift to the broken axle.

If you perform the Pin 7 mod, you will get full on/off control in low/high range. I have this mod and it is great! Do a search on the 80 series forum for how to do it.

Also... congrats on that find!!! It sounds like you really got an amazing truck! POST UP PICS!

Welcome to the addiction!
Nice find on a well maintained low mileage 80. You won't be disappointed...
I'm with you Got rid of the UZ100 now pick

my new 80 tomorrow. Good to be back. 97 lx450 105k with lockers and yes it works:clap: I'll get some pics up soon but it'll need some work. Yeah yeah, I know I had the 100 but you know it just never floated my boat and I felt guilty thinking about more!:banana:
Love it when more 80 owners join up. Welcome!


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