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May 6, 2005
Clearwater, FL
I purchased a lot of yellow zinc hardware for qty discount hoping others might have the same need. The purchase was guided by Coolerman's Bolt thread here.

I am just trying to "share" the quantity discount and am offering the extras at cost+shipping. The Flanged M6s and some M8s have the indented OEM style head.

The flanged bolts and nuts are 10.9 strength and the regular hex is 8.8.

Get you Shiny New YZN JIS Bolts Here!

Here's what I've got, all Yellow Zinc Plated:

Both Flanged Hex and Regular Hex JIS Bolts:
M6 x 10,12,16,20
M8 x 16,20,25,30,35
M10 x 30

Both Flanged Hex (Serrated) and Regular Hex JIS Nuts:
M6, M8, & M10

Lock Washers (Split) & Flat Washers
M6, M8, & M10

A full kit, for an entire FJ40, according to Coolerman's Sheet, would consist of something like this:
M6 x 8 Qty 10 (only in Reg. Hex Kit)
M6 x 10 Qty 4 (Qty 14 in Flanged Kit)
M6 x 12 Qty 35
M6 x 16 Qty 50
M6 x 20 Qty 50

M8 x 16 Qty 50
M8 x 20 Qty 70
M8 x 25 Qty 40
M8 x 30 Qty 40
M8 x 35 Qty 20

M10 x 30 Qty 35

M6 Nuts Qty 40
M8 Nuts Qty 60
M10 Nuts Qty 10

M6 Washers Qty 75 Flat & 75 Lock
M8 Washers Qty 75 Flat & 75 Lock
M10 Washers Qty 20 Flat & 20 Lock

Total 854 Pieces. Price would be around $155 for Regular Hex and $180 for Flanged Hex for the full kit.

Let me know if anyone wants anything, half, quarter, or whatever is ok too.
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very interested. I'm restoring my 79 RHD troopie and have decieded to start over on all of the nuts/bolts. Do you have the sizing for the exterior nuts/bolts? Looking for the stainless steel or grey "look" you would find on spectors or CCOT site.


I'm in stbt springs
so $170 plus shipping for the 854 pieces of the indented jis hardware?
Pics of the reduced head JIS bolts?

I might be interested. Like I said: pics of the reduced head JIS hardware would be super helpful. Also, is this yellow zinc, and how durable is the yellow? If you take a real high pressure hose to it does the yellow come off leaving the silver underneath (which is the best plating I have been able to find, but I'm just curious)? Or is it actual yellow cadmium?

It's either that or I keep hitting the junkyards pulling buckets and buckets of bolts to send to the plater.

More Pics

Here are some pics of the flanged indented JIS.

All of the M6 sizes are indented, and the M8 x 30 and x 35 are indented.

The M10 & M8 x 20 and x 25 are flat on the top as pictured in the first post.

(Edit: this varies with the particular shipment, please let me know if you have to have a certain size indented)

The flanged "kit" would be $180 + shipping. Shipping would be whatever flat rate USPS envelope or box I could get them into.

These are yellow zinc plated, I am not sure of the quality, I don't have a pressure washer to test with, any other method?
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I am looking into getting some stainless, but the qty required makes it very expensive. If there is any interest, I'd consider doing it...
These are yellow zinc plated, I am not sure of the quality, I don't have a pressure washer to test with, any other method?

Don't know, just notice how easily I can take the plating off with our pressure washer, which mostly means I have to make sure not to blast the new bolts directly. Just a garden hose doesn't seem to do it on the stuff plated locally.

I'll PM you when I get some time probably Tuesday or so.

what is the benefit to the flanged over un-flanged?
Just waiting for quotes on stainless. I will post up as soon as I have anything. Yellow Zinc stuff is still available though. PM for details and payment info.

how durable is the zinc plating? Someone mentioned that it will come off if hit by a power washer?


That was me who mentioned it. I just mention it because I have taken a lot of bolts to the local plater, and with direct pressure from the high pressure nozzle, I've been able to wear off the yellow (the only place where this seems to be even noticeable is on the hub face bolts).

That said: you should have PM Dave.

These bolts are plated, so I am sure the plating can come off, I just don't know under what circumstance. I can't readily get it off with an abrasive scotch brite pad, but I can certainly scrape it off (as I would expect) with a file. I'll post more if I find out anything else regarding the durability.
Lower Prices!

Adjusted the prices to reflect what I was actually invoiced. Prices for the kits are about $15 cheaper than expected. I may be able to get further qty discounts on the next order if there is enough interest?

Full Flanged Kit: $180

Regular Hex Kit: $155
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For all those looking for stainless hardware, just an FYI, it will not be JIS sized heads.

I don't think anyone has stainless JIS, correct me if I am wrong, but I cannot get it.

Pricing is coming soon.
are you willing to sell a smaller quantity?? I am looking for just some spares..and don't need a set for a 40 since mine is gone :frown:
Sure, whatever you need. Just let me know what you want and I'll price it. Or maybe you just want 1/2 or 1/4 of the kit, in which case, just divide the price by that amount.
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