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Gray Rider

May 17, 2011
I have made the jump to owning a 95 LC after much thought. This is a great site and I am looking forward to increased info and knowledge that I get from you guys.
welcome! x2 on pics or you dont have the cruiser!:grinpimp:
Nobody has done it yet so "Welcome :flipoff2: "
Mikray55.. welcome to the madness .. x2 on no pics you are fibbing

EDEX.. welcome too. I see you are in yonkers.. any where go wheeling up here? I am in Peeksill
welcome aboard :flipoff2:
WC! i have 95 LC too.also just got it 2 weeks ago, my first 4x4 ... would love to see pics.
Thanks all. Will post pics next week when I pick the beast up.....:)
Hey thanks Otamiway, I'm new to all this, just picked up a 95 L/C from a friend and just reading and tiring to learn more about the truck and what I'm gonna do to it. So to answer your question I haven't been wheeling nor do I know where to go.
from one newb to another, it is like the poison coolaid of offroad. i enjoy every minute behind my cruiser. never had a rig i liked as much.
Welcome aboard! I have also been wanting to get myself an 80. I currently have an FJ62.
You will love the truck.
When I bought mine it was rolled over. The roof, left side and hood were smashed. I fixed it. Mine is the only running 80 that has transmission fluid stains on the headliner! It has rock scratches on the sunroof. It is a veteran!
I have had it for five years. In just the last two years, I have put 75k miles on it. It has seen most of northern Az, southern Nevada, and southern & central California at 14 MPG. We went to Havasu on spring break, wheeled there in the desert.
I considered the idea of listing the places that this truck has been on the back window. I realized that in small print, I wouldn't even be able to see out of the back window!
They really don't build very many really great trucks anymore. I spent some years in the auto business. The FJ80 is one of the few good ones.
This truck is one of the few machines that has the ability to outlive me.
It may be one of the few modern machines that you might be able to will to your grandkids.
Welcome to the LC nuthouse!
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Ok here are a few generic photos to satisfy my obligations. Now I own a Cruiser!
96 Cruiser 1 (Large).jpg
96 Cruiser 2 (Large).jpg
96 Cruiser 3 (Large).jpg

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