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Aug 14, 2013
Pasadena, CA
Found out I needed a bigger vehicle to haul the family and the DEZL TOY (80 series manual diesel) just didn't cut it so I began my search of a 200 series.

Told a friend and found out that he knew somebody selling one. It was a 2009 Silver 200 series with 135k miles and was in good condition. Needed a little TLC and i picked it up the beginning of this month.

Right after purchasing it I found all the items I wanted to fix which included the following:
Scrubbed down the interior down
Fixed the TSB outside mirror rattles
Missing Rear Seat Entertainment knob
Roof rail rubber pieces
And some trim clips

Then this week I did the following items:

Installed LED interior bulbs - Polarg LED wedge bulbs
DENSO Plasmacluster (air filter and LED light) available overseas
Updated Navi Map (was original)
Kuda Cellphone mount (concept is great, fitment not so much)
Added a spare key (Lexus Card key)

Also purchased but haven't installed the following items:
Prestigious Society Nav mod
Prestigious Society video input mod
Tundra TRD Pro wheels & tires
Factory front spacers
13-15 Headlight swap
LED light bar inside grill

future mods:
ARB skid plate
Slee 2nd battery tray(so I can tailgate with the RSE)
BlueSea dual battery setup w/BlueSea fuse panels
Extra USB ports

Going to be a fun build

Here is the Kuda cell phone mount. I had to take the entire panel off and ground down the inside to ensure a tighter fit. I would of preferred a solid double sided tape install and not requiring to drill holes and cut panels to fit. Overall great concept.

The DENSO Plasmacluster thingy is an air filter that can kill germs and allergines. You can look it up as a Sharp Plasmacluster. It also has a huge LED panel that brightens up the back as well. Not available in the states.

Can be turned off if not interested in using it.


Congrats! Only suggestion I'd make is to replace the ARB skid plate with Slee sliders. You'll get far more incremental protection with sliders than with the skids. Stock skids are pretty good... no sliders is a recipe for disaster.
Slee sliders or any other good sliders run 1k. Don't remember the 80 series sliders running that much
Everything 200 is spendier!!

I have a small issue...

I might also have a problem with the valve for fresh air being stuck.

Oh. If you look at the filter the center is carved out. It's what happens when you get a mouse or rat in your car.

The dark color is the charcoal filter Toyota sells. The charcoal is better at elimination odors
Trap for young players: Make sure the ventilation fan is set to "recirculate" before trying to remove the pollen filter or there will be tears.
why is that? just curious as I always have recirculate. Especially since the fires near me in the past few days. Got to fix why the valve is stuck open though (can smell the fires) when stuck on recirc.
attempting to remove the filter while on "fresh air in" almost always results in breakage of the mounting brackets holding the filter. I believe its included as a warning in the owners manual. Lots of guys get caught out by that one. Easy to do but bloody expensive to repair.

I am on that list. Did it first 2 weeks of ownership.
started swapping plugs. Got the new DENSO Iridium TT plugs just because I get a discount. Did the driver side and still need the passenger side. Going to do that when I have time for the radiator swap as well.
Here is the Lexus Card key that replaces my key fob. Can't use the remote start but I don't think I would ever use it anyway. Prefer the card so I just need to make sure I have my wallet.

View attachment 1294453

What is FCC ID of your Toyota Key fob? What is the FCC ID of the Lexus Smart Credit Card key that is compatible with your Toyota Key fob?
Did the radiator swap in the dark and solo. Don't recommend doing this without replacing the radiator hoses (since everything is out). Now I just need to swap the plugs on the passenger side.
You just saved yourself more than half of what sliders cost. Well done!
Because I like challenges I found a new TRD intake on Craigslist for $250 and purchased the matching lower intake box. Some minor mods but basically bolt on.

Cut off that pin, and removed the scoop to reuse the one bolted to the land cruiser.

added a piece of foam to the lower intake where the scoop attached.

everything else bolts right up and it's pretty much a drop in.
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