Negative effects of desmog 91 3FE? (Int'l Travel Simplification)

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Aug 19, 2003
In a couple years I'll be doing some international travel (SA)with my 1991 3-FE FJ80, what problems and negative effects will a desmog have?

I ask this not because I hate our air, in fact I'm generally in big favor of strict emissions controls. I am interested in desmog as to simplify as much as I possibly can, and would look to re-install upon return (actually I'd have to to even register, I digress). Even non-effect items can ultimately be clutter, and I want to over simplify nearly everything.

  • EGR delete (increase combustion temps and more O2),
  • AI delete (is this really a situation of the solution to pollution is dilution on the 3F-E? On fuel injection does it really prevent the backfiring?)
  • Cat removal. (no one likes the smell of a car without a cat, this would have negligible effects)
I know in many world markets the 3F(-E?) likely didn't have the AI and EGR. But were those only markets for the carb'd 3F? EGR and AI could put the O2 sensor out of optimal range? Does the ECU operate with enough +/- buffer on the fuel maps with the increased combustion temps and adjust6ed O2 sensor input?

What other problems would occur? I am reading through 1991 3F-E De-Smog Performed - right now, but it seems to be more about the process, not the long-term outcome.
Mine's de-smogged and likely has been so for almost 100k (270k now). No reference as to what it ran like before as it was desmogged before I got it. I bumped the timing up a little as well (by ear). Runs great. Gets decent mileage too if I baby it, even with RTT etc.

I'd bet you'll be fine.

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