Need/want lower gearing for the highway and the trails? This might be the answer for your 80/LX450

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Jan 9, 2003
Lower gears for the highway and the trail, all in a ready to install t-case. Obviously not the only option, but a fantastic option we are excited to offer


Pictured case features 10% High Range Underdrive (TCG9007UDHR and TCG9807HRKIT) & 25% Low Range Reduction (TCG900731) - all in a brand new case with all new shafts, bearings, seals, etc and is available starting at $4000 - Available to ship as soon as today! CDL actuator is sold separately or can be swapped from your existing t-case.

Want stock high range but deeper low range? We can do that.
Want a high range overdrive to drop the RPM's? We can do that
Want a high range underdrive to help with larger tires and get up and go? We can do that
Want it part-time converted for 2WD - 4WD functionality? We can do that
Want a rebuilt core HF2AV case with stock, high range and /or low range gears? We can do that too!

Will this fit other Cruisers? Will it fit my 80 Series?
This case can be fitted in place of any HF2A and HF2AV t-case found in all 1990-2007 8x, IFS 100 and LX450/LX470 Land Cruisers. 1993-1997 FZJ80 and LX450 models will require a longer rear driveshaft as these cases do not have the viscous coupler. You can use the rear shaft from an FJ80 or have your original shaft lengthened. Should you want to keep your viscous coupler and original driveshaft, we can offer the parts individually or pre-build a used core case with the same parts.

Learn more and read our FAQ here on Mud:
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