Aug 13, 2017
Saint Augustine, FL
Hey there ih8mud fam,
The time has come... about to purchase my first Landcruiser! After years on the hunt I am SO close, appreciate this community and have gained so much knowledge from y’all’s threads. I am about to purchase an 89’ FJ62, 240,000 miles, WA/FL lived, and I would love some input.
The gentleman I am purchasing from has all maintenance records and is very well versed on what it means to take care of Lancruisers having owned various series in the past. You bet your bottom dollar I’ve done my due diligence and fair amount of homework but I would love a quick checklist as to what y’all typically run down before a purchase. I’ll be checking back in and can’t wait to finally start engaging on here! Link below to the video, clean body, frame, interior, under the hood, etc. I’ll be posting back with all maintenance records and photos. At a glance... how much do y’all think I paid? Things that make you go hrmmmm
New video by Darryl Lloyd
Jun 28, 2020
Bend, OR
Way too hard to say without seeing a lot more of the truck. From the video, I can see the paint looks pretty good, that's about it. What's the inside, bottom, engine compartment, etc. look like?


Sep 30, 2013
Where the prairies meet the Rockies
Have you actually paid for the truck? You've asked what to look for before buying, but then it sounds like you've already bought it?

Anyway, ideally you'd have it looked over by a mechanic who knows Cruisers, and who can test things like compression, fuel pressure, whether or not the transmission is within spec, etc. It would be money well-spent.

BUT that may not be possible, so if I was in your position, this is what I'd do:

  • crawl under the truck with a flashlight, look at the the frame, especially the inner frame rails at the rear wheel arches, shackle mounts, rear shock mount, cross-members, body mounts etc.
  • look for leaks (spots on ground and signs of dripping) at radiator, engine (oil pan, seals, oil cooler), transmission, and transfer case. Look for signs of fluid leaking onto the inner walls of all 4 tires (leaky brake cynliders or axle oil seals)
  • grab drive shafts and check for lateral play
  • Engage 4WD button on dash, make sure front driveshaft locks. Engage 4Lo, make sure front driveshaft locks
  • Lift front wheels off the ground, check for lateral play (bearings)
  • Have someone turn the steering wheel while you look at the front steering components. Is there free play? Is it in the steering box? Tie rod ends?
  • Inspect leaf packs for broken leaves
  • Inspect suspension bushings, sway bar bushings, etc.
  • Lift up the carpet, if you can, to see what's lurking underneath. A person doing a quick respray won't usually bother to gut the interior before spraying
I didn't really do any of these things when I bought my 62, and now I'm having to go through it bit by bit, repairing things that were neglected by the previous owner(s). I don't mind it, because it's a hobby for me, but if you want to jump in and drive it across the county right away, take a good hard look and gather as much info as you can (especially compression #s.)

My two bits. Good luck! You'll love your 62.


Jun 30, 2017
This is my checklist:

  1. Look inside vehicle
  2. Look under vehicle
  3. Look at engine
  4. Start engine
  5. Drive it with some spirit
If you like what you see, buy it if you can afford it. If not... keep on searching

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