Need some help with axle overhaul

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Oct 14, 2003
Hey guys,

I am going to overhaul the axles on my HJ60 and I do NOT want to do a full knuckle rebuild. I am only doing this to fix a bad wheel bearing and the wipers are leaking.
So I am guessing an inner axle seal, wheel seal and wheel bearings and the knuckle wiper kit. Is there anything else I will need to get while I am in there?
And what size is the axle socket?

Thanks in advance,
You have to remove the knuckle in order to replace the rear wipers...

What do you mean that you do not want to do a full knuckle rebuild? You are going to have this tore down all the way in order to do it properly...
You can change the inner oil seal without removing the knuckle assy. You cannot change the wipers without removing the entire assy. The seal kit is not much if the bearings are good just do it. If the inner oil seal is leaking you cna just change it and hope for the best.
One reason that the seal leaks is the knuckle bearings are shot. The wiper just retains the grease; not the gear lube seeping past the inner axle seal. You can check this without tearing it down by taking the load off the wheel and jerking it from the top and bottom and looking for any slop in the knuckle. You need to rotate the knuckle in several positions over a range of about 30 degrees to check completely because of the peculiar way the knuckle bearings wear. Nobody likes replacing knuckle bearings, but you have to do what is necessary.

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