Need Pic of Oil Pressure Relief Spring location


Mar 9, 2005
I searched and found links to the old head gasket thread that had pics of this. However, the pics are now gone. If anyone has a picture of the location of the relief spring and valve, I would appreciate them re-posting it. I think I know the general area to look from descriptions, but if someone has a pic saved it would be nice to be sure.

I'm starting to plan on replacing mine after noticing idle oil pressure dropping very low. It goes up to normal range (1/2 to 2/3rds) with higher revs, but idles very low when warmed up. Needle almost touches the zero line. The valve, spring, and seal are only a few bucks and will hopefully help resolve this.

Background - I was just finishing my first clean cycle with Auto-Rx and cheap dino, and am planning a dino oil & filter change this week for the first rinse cycle. Oil level is still at full mark, no burning of oil noticed.

124,500 miles '96 LX450. Any other thoughts on this are appreciated.
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