need extended brake line part - or supplier

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May 15, 2002
Jackson, MS
OK, here's the short version: I bought another 62 because it has OME originals, a locker and 33" tires on it. I am sweeping all of that stuff to my truck.

In the process this afternoon I ended up striping the threads on the extended brake lines. The lines came from and can be seen here. They use a long stainless braided line with a conversion fitting on both the axle and the frame end of the line. The one I striped out is the female end of the conversion on the axle end where it threads to the hard line on the truck. The threads are fine on the stainless line itself.

If that doesn't make enough sense I'll take a picture tomorrow.

I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have one of these fittings, or know where I might get one? I think I remember that MAF, SOR, and most other places get these extended lines from the same supplier, but I can't remember where... anyone know?

No Kragen here in MS. The link is helpfull, but I have no idea what size the fitting is that I have. I am going to go to the hardware store and see if they can measure the threads on my buggered up fitting.

I seem to remember that someone once said there was a Napa part number that worked perfect as an extended brake line from the hard line to the axle. Anyone have that number handy?

Also, was there a Tundra part number that works?
OK, here is where I am. I spent about an hour at CarQuest this AM. With a bunch of cross referencing numbers we came up with part number BRK SP8475. It will be a 17" long ruber hose that will replace the entire stainless line and go from factory fitting to factory fitting. Should work fine.

Thanks for all the responses.
Where Are The Pics Of The New Cruiser!!!
Same cruisers. One's lower, one's higher.

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Where Are The Pics Of The New Cruiser!!!

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