Need a new radio?

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Dec 21, 2004
And don't want to hack your dash? Less than $50.00,
Dual XC4100 Cassette player at

not a cadillac, but no tokyo by night display either.

The Dual XC4100 cassette player will go where most other stereos won't — into the "shaft-style" dash openings of many older cars. But even if the car is dated, the XC4100 is ready for the future — just connect your iPod or other portable player to the handy front-panel auxiliary input, and transport your vintage vehicle into the digital age.

Expand your system and ramp up the output by connecting an amp or powered sub to the preamp outputs. And track down your favorite stations with the AM/FM tuner's old-school analog tuning knob — an LED indicator lets you know when you've got an FM stereo signal locked in.
Do you know that this fits our Pig size radio slot?

It is a dual knob chassis. I did not find a listing for a TLC up to 1972, but this comes up for Toyotas from the early 70s. The Crutchfield guys would know, but if I had to guess, it would fit.
Not to hijack, but I think I am going to go with Secretaudio. This is a hidable system for those of us that are looking to keep a stock look but still have some modern conveniences (MP3s!).

Secret Audio System Specifications
Keep in mind, the radio is a two channel only(aka 2 speakers)

I thought about it but opted for another route :D

It has pre-amp outs, I was gonna hook to a 4 channel.

While it has the preamp out, still keep in mind, that is only two speakers :p

I'm also unsure how or if it will run both a preamp output and regular speaker output.

OTOH, with preamp, you can run a splitter at the amp. But that does kind of prohibit easy fade adjustment:D

Got it.

I guess I am not too concerned about these finer points in the Pig. I currently have NO audio in the Pig.

All I really want is to be able to listen to the movies at the drive-in! :cool:
I thought it was pretty cool in that you can hook your MP3 into it...
On the older radios it was often possible to move the knobs in or out in a few different positions. I've had the option of up to 1/4" for radios in the past. Is that not an option on this radio?

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