My Upholstery project

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Feb 6, 2007
Forced into taking matters into my own hands I will post up the headliner install
First picture is what needed to happen to get this project underway. My wife and I peeled the old skin off the headliner. It took some time and patience, but came off nicely

Presto its magic. Off with the old

The headliner color I chose was a graphite. I wanted to rich it up some, since I was changing it anyway.

The method we chose was to lay it out then fold it half over and begin spraying the headliner glue in a section at a time



The last part was where the modification was needed for my monitor pods


Since I changed my mind on colors I had to redo the monitor pods in the correct color. That took the most time since I had to pull everything down and pull all the monitor cases out to make a clean install over my custom console. It was worth the extra effort for sure.


Installed and making small adjustments on it


After taking a ride it is more quiet than it was before all the insulation.

I bought too much headliner material because I wanted to be ready for problems. 8 yards of headliner, 3 cans of headliner adhesive and 6 hours is what it took to do it from start to finish. $99.89 is what the project cost me.
My wife was a really big help on this end of the project. I am fortunate she allows me to play with my toys and humors me when I ask her opinion of my latest brainfarts
It came out the way I wanted it to.
The jury is out on the gray accents, visors etc they actually look pretty good when you see it in person. I may or may not recover them to match the headliner.
Wow, that came out very nice! I like the graphite color better as well. Can you expand on your monitors? Are they for DVD's or for monitoring engine data, etc?
be cool if they monitored tires and t case area you would not need a spotter then:hillbilly:
This was a part of a complete mod build I will start a new thread to put the whole mod on CSC

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